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  • Iowa Native Aronia Herbal Coffee Blend
  • Iowa Native Aronia Herbal Coffee Blend

Iowa Native Aronia Herbal Coffee Blend


Iowa sourced, grown and manufactured deep dark purple Aronia berries (dehydrated at 4:1), blended with Iowa sourced roasted chicory root. Caffeine-free. Brew or infuse in hot water and drink as a coffee substitute. Full of antioxidant properties - greater than any coffee product on the market, including green coffee beans - our Aronia berry powder is made with a unique natural drying process using low heat, thus retaining phytonutrients. No other additives, no fillers. Add erythritor, honey or your favorite sweetener and creamer just as you would to regular coffee. Beautiful purple color, tastes great.

  • Full money back guarantee less shipping if product not as advertised.

  • This product does not clump in any significant way.

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