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Why Aronia berries NOW More Than Ever.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

High antioxidant Aronia berries and herbal blends need to be incorporated more than ever in everyday diets.

Folks who claim they don't need to be vaccinated against Covid need to back up their statement to achieve any possible credibility. It may not be credible to state this if the person possesses any co-morbidity, exercises little, has a high sugar diet, is in a stressful environment, or has a diet high in processed junk food.

“It could easily be stated that the super-high antioxidant Iowa Native products, especially the Aronia AV Special Herbal Blend, are just as necessary as being vaccinated against Covid.”

On the other hand, persons who choose not to be vaccinated and possess no physical morbidity, exercise every day, have a low or no sugar diet, are not in a stressful environment, have a diet low in processed junk food, have a perfect blood lab, and incorporate Aronia berry and herbs in their diet, might be deemed credible, even with their pro-vaccination critics.

Aronia berry proven scientific studies:



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