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Health. Strength. Beauty. Vitality. Longevity.

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Turn Back the Clock.

Use Food as Medicine.

Turn Back Time with the highest antioxidant herbal blends in the world.


“I understand that aronia berries have more antioxidant power than elderberries. For a fitness freak like me, that's a game changer.”


Really unique products. Great for smoothies.


“The 100% aronia powder is as deep purple as it gets. I shake it up in a water bottle with half cranberry juice and water. Delicious!"


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       Your Love

Nutritionally Dense. No Fillers. 

Aronia Berry 4:1

Iowa Native's Aronia berries powder 4:1 is the world's highest antioxidant berry that will leave you feeling bright, beautiful, and detoxified.

Aronia Berry Herbal Blend

Supercharge your beverage and reduce the rate of aging with a blend of Iowa Native Aronia berries plus power-packed herbs.

Aronia Berry Herbal Coffee

Caffeine-free herbal brew. Tastes like coffee but with amazing health benefits! Iowa sourced and grown Aronia berries and chicory root.

Aronia Berry Steel Cut Energy Oats

A perfect meal replacement for weening babies to older adults, and everyone in-between, Iowa Native's Aronia Berry Steel Cut Energy Oats serves up in just three minutes. Just add honey!

Aronia Berry AV Special Blend

Backed by scientific research, Iowa Native's Aronia Berry AV Special Herbal Blend may be the best immune booster food supplement on the planet. Get yours and avoid the hospital!

Aronia Berry Turmeric Piperine Herbal Blend

Aronia berries and turmeric root have proven anti-cancer properties. Iowa Native's blend is boosted even more with the addition of black pepper extract (95% Piperine).

Aronia Berry L-Dopa Ginseng Herbal Blend

Mucuna prurien bean dopamine (L-Dopa), ashwagandha and ginseng, mixed with our Iowa Native 4:1 Aronia Berry is the "happy and healthy" herbal blend of choice!

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